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    TIFF to JPG Conversion

    Most people reading this are very familiar with JPGs. A JPG (or sometimes JPEG) is a type of image file made up of a grid of colored pixels. Those pixels could make up a photograph, a drawing, a screenshot, or pretty much any form of visual media. JPGs are one of the most popular image formats thanks to their versatility, size, and ease of use.

    A TIFF or TIF is a less common image format. Unlike JPGs, TIFFs are able to contain multiple images. This, along with its high color accuracy, makes TIFF a good image format for photographers and designers.

    Why should you convert TIFF to JPG?

    In general, a TIFF is likely to be a larger file than a similar-quality JPG. This is because the JPG compression algorithm does a better job of preserving a file’s visual integrity while keeping file size low. Therefore, you might want to convert a TIFF to a JPG just to cut down on file size.

    Likewise, a TIFF can contain multiple images. You might instead want to parse out those images into separate files. That could be another ideal reason to convert the format.

    Finally, many websites and applications will reject a TIFF upload. Instagram, for example, will not accept TIFF uploads. If you have a TIFF you’d love to share on Instagram, converting it to a JPG would be an easy solution.

    How to convert TIFF files to JPG for free?

    Our tool makes it very simple to convert a TIFF to JPG. Not only can it convert one TIFF image to one JPG, but it can also parse out a multi-page TIFF file into multiple JPGs. There are no watermarks on any of the outputted images and we do not require an email or registration.

    First, upload one or up to 20 TIFFs. You can hit the “UPLOAD FILES” button to do this. Alternatively, you can drag and drop your files if your system supports that.

    Once your files are uploaded, our tool will begin the conversion process automatically. If you uploaded a TIFF with one image, hitting the “DOWNLOAD” button under that image in the queue will download one JPG. If you uploaded a multi-page TIFF, hitting the “DOWNLOAD” button will instead get you a ZIP file with multiple JPGs converted from each page of the TIFF.

    You can also make things easier by waiting for all conversions to finish and then hitting the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button. This gets you one ZIP file with all your conversions.

    If you need to convert more than 20 TIFFs, just hit the “CLEAR QUEUE” button and start the process over again with new files. There is no limit to how many conversions you can do.

    Converting TIFF to JPG: Is it safe?

    It is completely safe to perform these conversions. Our system is fully automated, so no one will see your uploaded images. Likewise, our server deletes all uploads and conversions after one hour, so you don’t need to worry about them being preserved somewhere.

    Also, your original TIFF files stay safe on your computer. If you are not happy with your converted JPGs for whatever reason, you’ll still have your master files.